D'Cuckoo's RiGBy

In his early days at sgi Ron projected real-time audio reactive 3D images behind a San Francisco band called D'Cuckoo. Having seen projects like "Mike the Talking Head" at sgi he built a simple face puppet called RiGBy. Maggie Hoppe, a Graphic Designer in San Francisco, co-operated on the design of the character.

The result was an odd, hollow headed character which came to life when Ron puppeteered it and Linda Jacobson provided comedic banter. RiGBy was very popular at D'Cuckoo's shows, acting as an "MC" in between songs.

C/NET also interviewed RiGBy on one of its shows about D'Cuckoo.

Ron later designed a body for RiGBy (see left) with his intern at sgi, Brad Falk. The full body character has not been used in a live performance to date.

After D'Cuckoo's public touring ended in the late 1990s RiGBy appeared at trade shows, most recently for IBM. Ron and Linda are still ready to perform RiGBy at shows, although they have not actively promoted the character in recent months.

Here is a short video clip from C/Net about RiGBy small version (3 megs, Quicktime Sorensen) and large version (11 megs, MPEG). You will need a broadband connection to download these files in a reasonable amount of time.