Match Motion Consulting

Based on Ron's ongoing experience with 3D Equalizer (see here), he now provides support for projects using Match Motion.

In this project, hollywood luminaries were interviewed about their upcoming involvement in an imaginative new film based on a popular children's book series. They would appear on a free floating platform, set among stylized twinkling stars. Cameras would move around them freely during the interview.

To meet the limited availability of the talent, a shoot on a green screen stage was scheduled immediately. Mike Verta from Arc|Haven planned to create the background using CGI, synchronized to the camera with match motion (again, for more info on "match motion" is see here). The question was: How to set up the stage with markers?

Based on discussions with the Director and DP, Ron and Mike designed a setup that would have the best chance of working. The result looked like this:

The set prepared with tracking markers.

3D Equalizer uses "reference frames" to help stabilize its match motion solution. Using his knowledge of photogrammetry Ron shot a series of reference frames from optimal locations on the sound stage. The locations maximized the angle between the images, which provided the best triangulation of markers as seen through the lens. These were some of the images used:

Left, Center and Right reference images.

Ron also recorded information about the video cameras and described the types of motion which would be easier or harder to match later. Then, during post-production, he assisted Matt Hartle of Arc|Haven on the first of many match motion shots, debugging use of markers in the software.

Match motion of more than 90% of the shots was completed successfully, the rest were matched with 2D tracking or by hand. Mike's team at Arc|Haven made the virtual set effect work, creating a spectacular introduction to what promises to be a profitable new film franchise.

Details of this project are still private (no final images are available).