Motion Capture:
Bridging Principles and Practice

In 1998 Ron Fischer was approached by the A.K. Peters publishing company on recommendation of Mike Bevan, Editor of VR News magazine.

AK Peters had built a team of four authors to write a new book to broadly cover topics in motion capture. Ron's contribution was based on his ongoing research and writing for VR News, where he covered motion capture technology and production in a monthly column between 1997 and 1999.

For the book, Ron wrote chapters on each of the major motion capture technologies, mechanical, magnetic and optical. His sections included a history of development, along with a detailed operating principles (the image to the lower right diagrams magnetic capture fields). Pros and cons of commercial systems were described to show their applicability to a particular capture job.

Ron also wrote a detailed chapter on the motion capture production process, including how to break down work, hire talent, carry out a capture session and feed data into a pipeline.

While the book was intended for publication in early 2001, two problems devilled it: the publisher and authors could not resolve whether the book's focus should be commercial or academic, and second, the fading of the "dot com boom" reduced the book's potential audience. The authors parted amicably and the work remains unfinished.