Mark Mothersbaugh's JACKPOT

Run the odd world of "The Muppet Show" past the even wilder imagination of DEVO's Mark Mothersbaugh and out pops a completely new vision: JACKPOT. This twisted world exists in the future, waay off the end of the strip in Las Vegas. Its cast of edgy characters included casino owners, cat-like dancers and a host of others.

The entrance to Jackie Diamonds' nightclub "Jackpot."

Mark's idea was to have real people visit the characters in their virtual world. Using motion capture and virtual set technology would make the production timetables work for broadcast television.

The hawker outside the door.

Ron's talented team used the Silicon Stage technology developed for the Life Sighs project to implement Mark's wild vision.

Jackie Diamonds and a guest at the bar. The plant was animated.

Jackie's nightclub was constructed in exterior, stage and bar areas. Three puppets were constructed, Jackie (the club owner), the cat dancer and an animated plant on the bar top. Due to limited time, the presence of other characters was suggested with "cut outs."

The stage in the jackpot club. Balloon headed patrons were another wild idea!

The white area on the stage above was where the cat-like dancer was inserted from a second computer's video feed.

Mark's edgy, creative vision for the show was ahead of its time.