Doctor Bombay

In early 1998 Ron (as Producer) put together a team of talented independant filmmakers in San Francisco to create a music video for the reclusive band "Mox."

As studio musicians for hire, Mox was a top five creator of television commercial music. Small production runs of CDs made for friends were so eagerly received that they released an album through RGB records.

The music video combines found footage from 1960s science fiction film trailers with 16mm film shot in the band's unique studio space, to suggest mystery and weird techno-nostalgia.  A significant style contribution came from the amazing Winston Smith, who provided collage elements from his library (two are seen on the left side of this page).

Thanks to the talented production team, the project was completed on time, within budget and at high-quality.

The video was run in rotation on MTV in Brazil and can currently be viewed on Launch (search using mode "Artist" keyword "Mox" press "Videos" link).