Bon Carré Realtime CG Model

Windward Properties has a vision of a unique real-estate development in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Bon Carré combines a Meisner-style town square surrounded by a combination of shops, offices and condominiums.

Windward Propoerties approached Metavision, who suggested a realtime CG model of the development would help sell this unique concept to its financiers and tenants. In addition to managing the team, Ron also modelled the breezeway, rebuilt the village street section and programmed water animations and camera viewpoint jumps.

Ron's talented VFX team built the real-time 3D model in ten weeks. The model is displayed with commercial flight simulator technology. This means an operator can fly around it, taking viewers where-ever they like. The 3:1 aspect ratio of images on this page is "as seen" on the GVR-120 used to display it (more below).

The model, comprised of 160,000 polygons, 48 megabytes of texture images and custom animation code, was presented at the ICSC 2000 show in Las Vegas. It successfully communicates the development's unique vision, the Windward Properties concept as realized by the Cuningham Group architects.

To keep performance (measured by frame rate) high, the model was split into three pieces. Display of the back and front sections was switched when the camera flew through a breezeway under the main building.

The model's three sections are:

The back section includes a model of Rave International's new luxury movie theater.

Details include a lobby, complete with price boards and popcorn machines.

For additional impact the model was displayed using a Panoram GVR-120 projection system. This unique setup overlaps 3 high resolution projectors to create a single giant image that give the viewer the experience of being immersed in the show. The resolution of the display is approximately 3000x1000 pixels.

Imagery was generated using the Performer visualization toolkit running on an sgi Onyx 2 Infinite Reality deskside machine. Authoring was done with Alias Wavefront Maya, Okino Polytrans for Maya and Multigen.

Chris Greuel built the Multigen sections of the model. Margo Sorrell built the theater and made the first pass at the village street. Brad Moylan produced textures in the early part of the project, with Craig Richards and James Hattin picking up the work later in the project. Many thanks to Brent Thompson, the Cuningham Group architect on the project and his very encouraging involvement throughout.